Wearable Art by Viveka Gren

Welcome to my multi-faceted creative universe, a place where my passion for wearable art and sustainability merge. I hope it will bring you as much joy as it does to me.

I am celebrating five years as an artist and this month I invite you to discover my divine line of draped kimonos - a sustainable luxury!

Explore the blog, learn all about the services I offer, and do check out my magical shop where you'll find insanely beautiful kimonos from my sustainable brand FireBirdFusion, spectacular eyewear like nothing you've ever seen before, and accessories to match your wildest dreams.

  • Photographer Peter Gaudiano. Picture showing a red headed woman in a vintage green dress, with large ornated earrings with tassels created by artist Viveka Gren.

    Epic Earrings

    Bejewelled ears - is it a pure delight, or dangerous obsession?

    Invoke your inner Goddess, and choose your favorite(s) from the Deusa ex Machina collection, my collection of lightweight and eyecatching earrings inspired by Greek mythology.

    Explore the realm of epic earrings

  • The Early Bird couture sunglasses by artist Viveka Gren. Photographer Sanne Verheij van Bergenhenegouwen.

    Spectacular Eyewear

    Whether you long for sunglasses beyond your wildest imagination, or a pair of reading glasses with an edge, I'm your muse.

    Limited edition collections and couture artwork, you will find it all here. Why not let me customize your own prescription eyeglasses?

    Explore the world of framed wonders

  • Woman with long flowing red hair wearing a hand embroidered draped kimono from sustainable fashion brand FireBirdFusion, designed by Viveka Gren. Photographer Original Sin (UK)

    FireBirdFusion kimonos

    The most stunning kimono you'll ever wear, beautifully draped to make you feel like the divine creature you are.

    Each garment is a unique piece of wearble art, the vintage fabric selected on location in India, then restored and hand sewn in my Gothenburg studio.

    Explore the 100% sustainable collection

  • Girl wearing the Siren metal face frame by Swedish artist Viveka Gren. Photo: Willephotography

    Wearable art

    A magical universe, hidden stories waiting to be discovered - my wearable art is as beautiful on display as it is worn.

    Each creation is a precious labour of love, hand made elements and curated vintage materials intertwined to make my vision come alive.

    Explore the couture world of Viveka Gren

In the spotlight: The Sacrilegious Collection