About the Artist

Viveka Gren is a Swedish couture designer and artist who is best known for her passion of merging a sustainable mindset with wearable art, creating extraordinary pieces to wear and treasure.

I have for as long as I remember had a strong creative passion, but for a long time my life were simply too busy so the creativity was pushed aside. In 2018, on July 2nd, I made the decision to embark on a new and life long journey by launching HALO by Viveka Gren as a mean to express my creative and artistic visions without restrictions. In 2021 I decided to merge my different branches into one, incorporating my sustainable clothing brand FireBirdFusion and my bridal accessories brand.

Everything you see on this site, including the site itself, is created by me. This artistic universe truly is the world of one single woman.

Porträtt av konstnären Viveka Gren omgiven av verk ur kollektionen bärbar konst Pastel Meadows.


My art stems from an organic process. Rather than sketching, I tend to start off with a vauge idea and let the materials speak to me, painting a picture in my mind as the piece takes shape. In all of my couture pieces you will find hidden details, waiting to be discovered. 

Wearable art designer Viveka Gren working on the Pastel Meadows couture face frame in her home studio in Göteborg, Sweden.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Being an independent artist is often lonely, but thanks to all of your support and cheers, life has truly become more vibrant and filled with joy. 

I live with my two children in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, and work from my home studio (and to be honest, just as often from the kitchen island which doubles as a creative workspace. I like having coffee and music close at hands.)


Upcoming events:

- Á la London Design Market, Brunnsparken, Göteborg, February 25th - 26th and March 4th - 5th, 2023  FREE ENTRANCE


Selection of previous work and comissions: 

- Wardrobe for upcoming TV show, SVT, Spring 2023

- Art exhibition 'Paradise Lost', Galleri Svea, Stockholm, August 5th - 12th, 2022

- Wardrobe for international short movie to be released in 2022

- Bridal headpiece featured in Bröllopsfotograferna, SVT, June 2022

- Bespoke creations for death gospel starlet Louise Lemón 2022

- Live performance and art installation at corporate event, November 2021

- Wardrobe for the music video In the Flame by Melisha MusicProduction, October 2021

- Art exhibition 'Domme Divine', Galleri Svea, Stockholm, May 2021

- Art exhibition 'Shifting Depths', Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, February-April 2021 

- Crown, jewelry and hat created for the 'Desså' music video of Swedish hip hop legend Promoe feat Blizz Bugaddi, 2020

- Joint Art Exhibition with the Swedish master of Photography 2019 Martina Wärenfeldt at P.Lindberg Gallery, Helsingborg, February 8-29th 2020

- Bespoke creations for Brazilian singer Simone Moreno 2019

- The Golden Bandurì halo and costume created for lead singer Madeleine Liljestam of Swedish metal band Eleine 2019

- Bespoke creations for death gospel starlet Louise Lemón 2019

- The Unholy Virgin halo created for the Queen of Swedish Burlesque and event organizer Fräulein Frauke, 2019

- Creation of a 10 year anniversary headdress for the Gothenburg burlesque club Tip the Velvet, 2018

- 'The Birka Collection' Fashion show at the Uma Obscura alternative culture festival, Umeå 2018