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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Viveka Gren revamp: Lone Wolf tie dyed trucker, Goorin Bros.

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Viveka Gren revamp: the Lone Wolf tie dyed trucker cap,  Goorin Bros. 

Size: Universal adult size, adjustable

Original brand: Goorin Bros.

Colours: Tie dyed black brown trucker with navy netting and bottom. Featured an applique of a lone wolf.

Revamped with high quality black crystals and tiny black Swarovski rhinestones. Original cap in mint condition.

Sustainability footprint:
98% repurposed materials (the trucker and crystal chains)


This project was born thanks to my sons - they asked me to make their caps cooler. 

About the Goorin Bros:

The Goorin bros were established in 1895 by Cassel Goorin in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and the legacy is carried on by a family of hat makers and dream makers with a legacy built on unconventional ideas and foolish pursuits in order to move people forward. We believe in encouraging people to be seen and heard because everyone deserves to matter.