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Viveka Gren

Another Dance collection: Underwater Love tie, retro black and sea green polyester necktie with green and blue glass crystals

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Forgotten ties turned into wearable art - express yourself!

Collection: Another Dance 

Material and colours: Retro black and sea green polyester necktie with geometrical pattern in green and blue, adorned with green and blue glass crystals.

Style: Unisex 

Original brand: LL

100% polyester

Country of origin: Sweden

Sustainability footprint: 98% repurposed materials (vintage silk tie and appliques) 


About the collection:

Another Dance is a reference to the essence of this collection - how vintage and preloved ties are given a second chance to shine: they are headed for another dance. As a celebration of their new shape and vibe, each necktie is named after a song, phrase in the lyrics or band.

Underwater Love is named after the song by London based trip-hop trio Smoke City whose distinctive Brazilian inspired bossa nova-influenced sound reminds me of the time I lived in Brazil.