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Viveka Gren

The Pastel Meadows: Metamorphosis face frame, wearable art piece

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The Pastel Meadows: Metamorphosis face frame

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and sometimes it hits so hard you can't escape the idea that's forming in your mind. 

Years ago I was dreaming of creating a set of metal lingerie, I wanted it to look like whoever was wearing my piece was covered in a field of flowers. It has taken me years to master the construction of such an intricant creations, and patience in abundance since each full set is hours upon hours to create. But oh, it sure is worth it! 


The Metamorphosis face frame is a READY-TO-SHIP piece of wearable art 


Materials & colours: The face frame is completely constructed in metal and adorned with carefully hand painted and assambled metal flowers, butterflies and shimmering crystal chains. It is lined with vintage high quality trims for comfort. 

Weight: very lightweight 

Size: Universal adult size

Fastens with ribbons or rubber bands around the head. Bobby pins can be used for further security.

Sustainability footprint: 5% repurposed materials (vintage glass crystals & trims)

Further information: If you like other accessories, for example metal claws, choker necklace, belt or maybe a metal bra or dress to go with this piece, please contact me to discuss your ideas and to get a time and price estimate.


About the Meadows couture collection

The Meadows is my couture collection of blooming pieces. Each individual flower that adorns this collection is hand made seperately, and a whole set (including at least a headpiece/face frame, earrings, choker, belt, panties & pasties, and hand jewelry) take around 80-100 hours to create.