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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

The Frozen Fountain Halo

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The Frozen Fountain halo

This couture headdress is ideal for photoshoots or to wear on stage. If you need a piece to manifest your inner sacred Ice Queen, this is the one.

It is inspired by iconic art and sacred paitings with a twist of Russian and Slavic fairytales and the winter landscape of the North. Fastens with a headband and comb and could be further secured with bobby pins.

Dimentions: xx

Weight: xx

Colours & materials: Made with light weight metal. Painted in a ombre effect going from a very pale antique gold to silver, adorned with gorgeous glass crystals in shades of blue, pale lilac and clear crystal. Further adorned with tiny metal flowers, hearts and other symbols as well as beautiful acrylic half pearls and hundreds of rhinestones in silver, gun metal and pale copper. (The colour of the crown in picture 4, 5 and 6 has been edited by the photographer)

Sustainability footprint: 5% repurposed materials (metal adornments)


It is always a good idea when wearing a larger headpiece to not have newly washed hair. It also gets a much better grip if you use saltwater spray or other styling products. This piece is quite light weight, but due to its size I strongly recommend you to practice wearing it before your event. Practice taking it off and putting it on, get familiar with how it feels on your head and especially practice walking through doors (so you don't smash it into the edge). It is a bit like walking in heels, posture is everything.


Further information: 

If you like other accessories, for example metal claws, choker necklace, belt or maybe a metal bra, to go with this piece, please contact me to discuss your ideas and to get a time and price estimate. 


Picture 3 Burlesque and pinup model Kandi von Kane shot by Jenny Hellström 

Picture 4-6 Portrait of renowed Swedish tattoo artist Ellen Westholm (colour of the crystals is edited) shot by Christoffer Borg