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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Shifting Depths collection: the West Coast showpiece sunglasses

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The West Coast is part of Swedish artist Viveka Gren's collection Shifting Dephts which features one of a kind couture accessories. 

These wonderfully flamboyant showpiece sunnies are the very definition of wearable art, suitable for any wedding, red carpet event, or visit to the race court - or just whenever you want to feel fabulous or brighten up the day. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Viveka Gren's magically creative universe.

About the Shifting Depths couture collection 

The Shifting Depths wearable art collection is created to highlight the urgent problem of plastics in the oceans and the destruction of one of our most important eco system, the coral reefs. 20% of the profit will be donated to Naturskyddsföreningens and WWF's marine life projects. 

About the West Coast sunglasses 

Size: Universal adult size

Colours & materials: Mirrored lenses in silver surrounded by a silver coral reef adorned with hand made corals and ocean plants where various starfish and a red enamel crab live. The ocean floor is covered by an abandoned fishing net, created with the plastic netting from organic garlic.

The West Coast comes with a silver coloured removable eyewear chain, which helps you not to displace your new all time favorite sunnies. The eyewear chain also let you wear these sunglasses on your chest, like a necklace. 

Please note that due to the settings of your phone or computer, the colours of the pictures might vary slightly.

Quality and technical info: All my sunglasses are created on CE marked bases with UV filter. This piece is based on a category 4, UV 400.

Weight: 88 gr

The West Coast are heavier than a regular pair of sunglasses, however, they are still comfortable to wear due to adaptations made such as broader silicone nose pads.

I recommend to get used to wearing these art sunglasses little by little, to wear them for shorter periods in the beginning to get used to the weight. Let your body adapt, it's like learning how to walk in heels.

Even if the adornments do not hinder the vision, I do not recommend that you drive a car while wearing these beauties. Leave that to someone else. You just enjoy the ride, darling. ❤️

Care: The West Coast sunglasses are an art object, and should be treated as such. Take care when handling. Avoid anything that can scratch the lenses, like laying them on a table with the lenses down towards the surface. To protect the mechanism of the sunglasses, one should never wear a pair of glasses on the head, like a headband. It will with time damage the mechanism.

Can be wiped with glasses cleaning pads, or a damp, luke warm cloth. 

Sustainability footprint: Adornments created with 75% repurposed materials 

Photographer picture 1, 8 & 9: David Geborek Lundberg, Stockholm