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Viveka Gren

Shades of Apple sustainable mini collection: the Apple Mosaic metal choker

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Each year I create a mini collection of three-four pieces to highlight the importance of concious consumption and a sustainable mindset.

The Shades of Apple sustainable mini collection 2018 was inspired by an apple green necklace I found at my local charity shop. I found the bright green shade so inspirering, it made me think of Granny Smith, a sour green apple variety we use for both baking apple cakes and in our Christmas sallat. I started to look for more pieces in the same crisp green colour, and six months later I had gathered enough materials to be able to create this collection. This is the Apple Mosaic metal choker, one out of the collection's three pieces. 

This collection is created with 85% vintage materials.

Ties in the back with a velvet ribbon.

Sustainability footprint: 85% repurposed material

Materials: Vintage and preloved jewelry findings and crystals, brass, vintage trims.

Photographer: Sanne Verheij van Bergenhenegouwen (NL)