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Viveka Gren

Scorpio Sting face frame, wearable art headpiece

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The Scorpio Sting face frame

One of my best friend and incredibly skilled photographer, Anna Osk Erlingsdottir, sent me some pictures of a breathtaking male model and a location to die for, Hovs Hallar in Southern Sweden. 'Me and Leo are going here to shoot', she said, 'I'm thinking you should create something that echoes the power of the waves breaking on the shore and otherwordly vibe of this location'. 

So I did. The Scorpio Sting face frame is one of the pieces we used for this now legendary photoshoot. 

Now, for the first time ever, it can be yours.


Materials & colours: The face frame is completely constructed in metal, painted in different shades of black, and adorned with spikes, both large ones and very small sharper ones which are only seen when you get close up. On one of the sides you will get a close encounter with the start of this show - the black scorpion covered in crystals. 

Weight: very lightweight 

Size: Universal adult size

Fastens with exchangeable ribbons or rubber bands around the head. Bobby pins can be used for further security.

Sustainability footprint: 5% repurposed materials (reworked scorpion brooch, vintage trims)

Further information: If you like any other accessories, for example metal claws, choker, belt or maybe a metal bra or dress to go with this piece, please contact me to discuss your ideas and to get a time and price estimate.