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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Paradise Lost Collection: Subtle Heights Metal Choker

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The Subtle Heights metal choker is inspired by the dance of the swallows in the light, clear Summer evenings of my childhood.

Colours & materials: This piece is created with lightweight filigree metal pieces, soldered for durability and stability and adorned with a beautiful vintage brooch in shape of a swallow adorned with pale yellow and blue crystals which has been reworked to become the centerpiece of this necklace. The swallow is surrounded by golden clouds and further adorned with transparent rhinestones to give an extra layer of magical shimmer.

This is a one of a kind couture piece.

Size: Universal size

Weight: Very lightweight

This piece ties in the back of the neck with an interchangeable ribbon. It is a light weight and padded with high quality vintage trim for more comfort.

Collection: Paradise Lost couture collection 2022

Sustainability footprint: 45% repurposed materials