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Viveka Gren

Origin collection: The Origin II tie, white silk necktie with black glass crystals

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Forgotten ties turned into wearable art - express yourself!

Collection: The Origin collection 

Material and colours: White silk tie adorned with hand made oval centerpiece. The centerpiece is created on a repurposed jewelry piece and adorned with tiny glass crystals, surrounded by jet black glass crystals in various sizes in an organic shape growing out from the center and spreading over the tie.

Style: Unisex 

Original brand: Dressman

Shell: 100% silk 

Lining: 100% polyester 

Country of origin: designed in Sweden, produced in China

Sustainability footprint: 95% repurposed materials (vintage silk tie and jewelry findings) 

Curiousity: Did you know that it takes between 10-15 seconds to fuse one single glass crystal to the fabric?


About the collection:

The Origin collection is inspired by mathematics and the interdisciplinary area of chaos theory.

In mathematics, the origin of a Euclidean space is a special point, usually denoted by the letter O, used as a fixed point of reference for the geometry of the surrounding space. 

In physical problems, the choice of origin is often arbitrary, meaning any choice of origin will ultimately give the same answer. This allows one to pick an origin point that makes the mathematics as simple as possible, often by taking advantage of some kind of geometric symmetry.

Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary area of scientific study and a branch of mathematics. It focuses on underlying patterns and deterministic laws of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. 

Source: Wikipedia