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  • Modern talking tie, vintage polyester tie with a wave almost dna string pattern and black glass crystal fringe
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Viveka Gren

Another Dance collection: Modern Talking tie, vintage beige | gray polyester necktie with crystal fringe and black glass crystals

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Forgotten ties turned into wearable art - express yourself!

Collection: Another Dance

Material and colours: Beige or gray polyester necktie with a dna like twisting pattern. Adorned with lines of black glass crystals and a fringe made out of chains of black glass crystals, surrounded by jet black glass crystals. 

Style: Unisex 

Original brand: Unknown/No label 

100% polyester 

Sustainability footprint: 95% repurposed materials (the tie). 

It is advised to use tie knot versions which used the slim end for the knot, for example the trinity knot (the one I've used in the photos.)

About the collection:

Another Dance is a reference to the essence of this collection - how vintage and preloved ties are given a second chance to shine: they are headed for another dance. As a celebration of their new shape and vibe, each necktie is named after a song, phrase in the lyrics or a band.

Modern Talking is named after the German dance pop duo formed in Berlin in 1983.