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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Draped kimono, hand dyed batik in light salmon red and white elaborated embellished with glass mirrors and beads (L)

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This one of a kind FireBirdFusion kimono robe is the perfect all around piece for any time you want something light but utterly gorgeous to wear. This piece is part of my luxurious line created with the most beautiful hand embellished vintage fabrics which I have personally curated to create a lasting piece of wearable art to be loved and worn. Wear it to a festival, your summer vacation, for work over a black turtle neck sweater, to use for a dinner party or just slip into in on a beautiful summer morning.

This robe is made to be worn open. As all FireBirdFusion robes, this beauty is made out of vintage Indian saree fabric. As such, the fabric will have a unique look and sign of being loved and worn.

Measurements & colour

Circumference: 98 cm (aprox Large)

Sizing advise

These kimonos can be worn by various sizes, all depends on your personal taste and how loose you like your garment.

Measure your chest curcumference at its largest measurment - if you like to wear your kimono open, choose a size which is maximum 15 cm smaller than your own circumference. If you want to add a closure (hook or ribbon), the kimono's circumference should either match or be larger than your chest circumference. If you want it to close fully around your hips, your hip circumference at its largest point must be smaller than the kimonos circumference.


Hand dyed batik fabric in light salmon red with white stripes. Elaborated hand embellished with shisha embroidery (traditional mirror embroidery), silver rhinestones and green, pale amber and white glass beads.

Please take into consideration that the colour in the pictures may vary slightly depending on the settings on your monitor.


Let air after use. Dry clean is recommended. Can be steamed or hand washed very gently in luke warm water. Take great care with the embroidery if you choose to hand wash this piece. Might bleed colour when soaked.

Sustainability footprint:

100% repurposed vintage fabric, curated personally on location in India by our designer.

Curiousity: Shisha or abhla bharat embroidery is a type of embroidery which attaches small pieces of mirrors or reflective metal to fabric. Mirror work can be traced back to 13th century Persia and made its way to India during the Mughal era. The use of mirror and craft of mirror work stems from traditional Islamic beliefs that mirrors help to blind or trap the evil eye, reflecting bad luck and evil spirits away from the wearer. Mirror work as we see today in India originated in the 17th century when acenstors of the Jat community migrated from Balochistan and brought traditional Balochi techniques, such as cutting the mirrors in shapes to represent flower petals and leaves, with them.