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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Neon Rainbow collection: The Serpent Love Bite Flourocent Metal Choker

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This is the Serpent Love Bite Flourescent Metal Choker from the Neon Rainbow Collection, a collection of festival ready chokers, crowns and accessories in bright and often flouroscendant colours. 

Colours & materials: This piece is created with lightweight filigree metal plates airbrushed in flourescent shades of hot pink and neon yellow, embellished with a mix of acrylic rhinestones and resin hearts with snake scale pattern.

One of a kind.

Size: Universal size

Weight: xx gr

This piece ties in the back of the neck with a velvet ribbon. This is a light weight piece and it is padded for more comfort.

Sustainability footprint: 5% repurposed materials