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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

The Frosted Pearl (bridal) Flower Crown

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The Frosted Pearl flower crown 

This is a truly spectacular piece of wearable art. Gorgeous structured glass icicles are mixed with flowers, pearls, rhinestones and other adornments, all carefully chosen to harmonize and look amazing from any angle.

This is not the lightest of my flower headdresses due to the glass icicles, but it is comfortable enough to wear for a couple of hours for a photoshoot, music video or shorter event. 


This piece is not only reversable, it can also be worn as a wreth. There are hoops around the piece in which bobby pins or ribbons can be attached depending on how you like to wear your crown. The crown is fully lined with a soft trim for comfort and sits securely with removable adjustable ribbons.

Size: Universal size.

Weight: XX gr

Sustainability footprint:
100% repurposed materials 


Care & advice: I always advise my clients to wear a new headdress a couple of times to get to know how it balances and feels. It is always a good idea, especially with big pieces such as flower crowns, halos, or horns, to practice walking through doorways, entering cars etc.

Clean thev icicles with a lukewarm soapy damp cloth, but be gentle to protect the rhinestones. The flowers are made of fabric and can be gently hand washed, just make sure you do not pull the structure to avoid them from falling off. Avoid water on the round white berries all together, the material will not apprechiate it. This is a piece of wearable art and should be treated as such. 

Photographer: Peter Gaudiano