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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Bespoke order: Couture headpiece (1 spot available for March - May 2024)

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I will make your wildest headpiece dream come true.

My headpieces are the very definition of wearable art, suitable for any red carpet event, stage performance, wedding, festival or occation when that extra dimension of fabulousness is desired. Popular among artists and international fashion magazines, this is your opportunity to not only own a piece of Viveka Gren's magically creative universe, but having it created especially for you.

This is the only spot available for a headpiece (regardless of size) created during the period March-May 2024.

How it works:

Once you've placed your order, I will contact you to discuss time frames, your dream vision and if you have any special needs. Please make sure that you note the right e-mail adress and phone number on your order. 

I've included examples of some previous creations in this listing. More examples are found on Instagram Viveka Gren

I can create something unique based on a previous style of mine, or something totally different. If you have an outfit in mind, we can use that as a starting point for the design. The choice is yours. 

My field of expertise is lightweight, versitile, metal headpieces and crowns. 

I can create headpieces in other materials as well within this listing of course, and mix techniques, materials and styles. Brides often like me to incorporate 'something old' in their pieces, not seldom inherited jeweley to give their piece that extra emotional bond and create an heirloom for future generations. Adding led-light, make your piece UV-reactive, adapt to use as a burning headpiece for fire performances - just let me know what you dream of and we'll find a way to make your dream come true. 

Normally, a one of a kind of wearable art items take 4-8 weeks to create. Please take this into consideration and add shipping time (1-3 weeks worldwide under normal situations).

In periods, I have a lot of orders, which means there might be some waiting time before I can start on your piece. Express priority can under some circumstances be available for an extra fee. This is the reason I advise all customers to get in touch with me before placing an order, especially if you have a time limit for when you need your piece.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Sizes available:

Extra small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra large


Technical information

Size: Universal adult size

Colours & style: Your choice.

Sustainability footprint: Since this piece does not yet exist, I can not say how much repurposing I will be able to incorporate in the design. Normally, a bespoke headpiece is created with 5-20% repurposed materials if metal, more if faux flowets are added.

It is possible to send me pieces of importance to you that you'd like me to incorporate in the design I'm creating for you. 

Cover photo mix, from top left to right: Thredony in Velvet/Iberian, metal band Eleine, Anna Jarlhäll, Martina Wärenfeldt, Viveka Gren,  Peter Gaudiano and John-Paul Bichard.

1 & 4 Anna Jarlhäll 

2 Carmilla photography

3 & 8 John Stenberg 

5 Thredony in Velvet/Iberian (UK)

7 Okänd

 6 Dutch photographer Sanne Verheij den Bergenhenegouwen (Holland)