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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Harlequin Collection: The Harlequin Kingfisher hair ornament

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The Harlequin Kingfisher is a pure showstealer: a totally unique one of a kind hair ornament in blue, black and green shades.

About the Harlequin Kingfisher

It is covered in aprox 800 Swarowski chrystals, glass beads and vintage plastic, glass fabric and metal buttons, satin roses and upcycled jewelry. Some vintage buttons are further adorned with resin rhinestones. Natural peacock feathers, rooster, duck and ostrich and dotted ginuea fowl feathers adorn this piece.

Fastens easily in your hair with a couple of alligator clips. Check out the #harlequinhairclip on Instagram to see video clips of this piece and how similar pieces stays secure in the hair, regardless of heavy drafts of the Stockholm Metro.

Size: XXL (aprox. 15 cm plus an additional 25 cm feathers)

Time from idea to finished piece: aprox twentytwo hours.

Sustainability footprint: 85% repurposed materials.