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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Dreams in Ivory collection: The Reminiscence of Ivory Sunglasses

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The Reminiscence of Ivory is part of Swedish artist Viveka Gren's collection of one of a kind sunglasses, each piece carefully handmade with her unique artistic touch. This piece is part of her bridal collection Dreams in Ivory, a collection of absolutely gorgeous sunglasses ranging from modestly decorated frames to the most spectacular pieces of wearable art. Your perfect companion for a wedding, your second best friend on your honeymoon, and a favorite for many seasons to come! 

Colours & materials: The Reminiscence of Ivory is based on a beautiful vintage style frame in ivory with purple or dusky pink shaded lenses. It is adorned with the same hand crafted flowers as Viveka's couture pieces, each flower different from the other, and copper rhinestones and ivory half pearls for an extra dimension.

Size: Universal adult size

Weight: 40 gr

All sunglasses are created on CE certificated bases with UV filter. This piece is based on a category 2, UV 400.

Care: The Reminiscence of Ivory sunglasses are an art object, and will last for many, many years if treated as such. Take care when handling. Avoid anything that can scratch the lenses, like laying them on a table with the lenses down towards the surface. To protect the mechanism of the sunglasses, one should never wear a pair of glasses on the head, like a headband. It will ineviatebly damage the mechanisms sooner or later. When removing your glasses, use both hands to grip on the sides. 

Can be wiped with glasses cleaning pads, or a damp, luke warm cloth. 

Sustainability footprint:

This piece contains 5 % repurposed materials. 

Please note that due to the settings of your phone or computer, the colours of the pictures might vary slightly.