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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Dreams in Ivory collection: The Ivory Explosion (bridal) couture sunglasses

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The Ivory Explosion is part of Swedish artist Viveka Gren's collection of one of a kind couture sunglasses. These wonderfully flamboyant showpiece sunnies are the very definition of wearable art, suitable for any wedding, red carpet event, or visit to the race court - or just whenever you want to feel fabulous or brighten up the day. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Viveka Gren's magically creative universe.

Payment plans are always possible for couture pieces. Please see bottom of this page for further info. 


About the Ivory Explosion

The Ivory Explosion is created with part repurposed materials (5 % among other the tiny golden cherub), and hand made elements such as the chains and flowers, all of which are made one by one in order to make the piece harmonize and reach it full potential of eyecatching yet tranquil beauty. 

Collection: Dreams in Ivory

Size: Universal adult size

Weight: XX gr

Colours: Ivory plastic frames with purle or dusky pink shaded lenses with elements in gold and ivory pearls.

Please note that due to the settings of your phone or computer, the colours of the pictures might vary slightly.

Quality and technical info: All sunglasses are created on CE certificated bases with UV filter. This piece is based on a category 2, UV 400.

The Ivory Explosion is somewhat larger and more heavily adorned than your standard sunglasses. Even if the adornments do not hinder the vision, I do not recommend that you drive a car while wearing these beauties.

The Ivory Explosion comes with a complementary golden coloured removable neck chain (the Poppi Popp eyewear neck chain), which helps you not to displace your new all time favorite sunnies. The neck chain also let you wear these sunglasses on your chest, like a necklace.

Care: The Ivory Explosion sunglasses are an art object, and will last for many, many years if treated as such. Take care when handling. Avoid anything that can scratch the lenses, like laying them on a table with the lenses down towards the surface. To protect the mechanism of the sunglasses, one should never wear a pair of glasses on the head, like a headband. It will ineviatebly damage the mechanisms sooner or later. When removing your glasses, use both hands to grip on the sides. 

Can be wiped with glasses cleaning pads, or a damp, luke warm cloth. 

Due to the size they do not fit in a regular sunglasses case, but you will receive an organza dust bag and storage box for when they are not used. 

Sustainability footprint: Created with 5 % repurposed materials (jewelry elements from vintage earrings)



Payment plans are always possible. You can choose between making a normal purchase and pay the full amount and get your piece of art shipped right away, or you can choose one out of two payment plans.

Choose of you wish to pay 25% or 50% of the price as a first payment. The rest of the payments are divided into equal sums and paid monthly until the full price is paid. After I recieve the final payment, your piece will be sent to you. 

There are no extra charges or adminitrative fees connected to choose a payment plan - I simply divide the price and send you a digital invoice by e-mail or PayPal. 

Choose between the following options:

- Full price, one payment = 5 500 kr

(Ships upon purchase)

- Payment plan, 25 % first payment = 1 375 kr

(first payment is paid in the webshop, the next three payments are paid by a digital invoice monthly. Your piece is shipped once the final payment has been made.)

- Payment plan, 50% first payment = 2 750 kr

(first payment is paid in the webshop, the next two payments, each 50% of the remaining sum, are paid by a digital invoice monthly. Your piece is shipped once the final payment has been made.)