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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Deusa ex Machina collection: The Harmonia earrings (stud versions)

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The Harmonia earrings are inspired by the Goddess of harmony and concord.

Collection: Deusa ex Machina

Colour options: Each set is a one of a kind, unique colour combination. Each set is numbered in the order they were created (e.g. Alectrona I, II etc).

The base is created with brass filigree, then painted in different metallic shades, and adorned with acrylic half pearls, rhinestones and/or glass crystals.

For available pieces, see the pictures (& description below). Choose your set among those available under Variations. If you have a specific colour combo in mind which you would like me to create, please send me a message through the contact page of this webpage. 

Colours of Harmonia II: Brass filigree metal base painted in an antique golden shade. Adorned with copper and rosé gold AB rhinestones and beautiful high quality glass in a gorgeous shade shifting in yellow and warm pink.

Colours of Harmonia IV: Brass filigree metal base painted in a pale silver shade. Adorned with clearSwarovski glass rhinestones and beautiful high quality glass crystals in a pale blue shade shifting in pale liliac/purple depending on how the light hits.


Lenght: XX cm

Weight: X gr (in total, X gr/earring)

Type of earring: stud

Sustainability footprint: No repurposed materials used for this piece.


About the collection:

The Deusa ex Machina collection is inspired by the female deities and Goddesses of Greek Mythology. Each design is inspired by and named after a Goddess. For example, with a little bit of imagination one can see the pommegranate in the design of the Persephone earring, and growth in the Demeter earring.

Each design is created with a one of a kind touch, meaning that the colour combos in adornments will not be repeated, thus each piece is numbered with Roman numerals in the order they were created.