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Viveka Gren

Depth of the Rabbit Hole collection: Blue Pill I tie, silk necktie with blue and black glass crystals

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Forgotten ties turned into wearable art - express yourself!

Collection: Depth of the Rabbit Hole 

Material and colours: Silk tie in navy blue and brown/golden square pattern separated by tiny white dots, adorned with a larger blue glass crystal - the blue pill - and surrounded by jet black glass crystals.

Style: Unisex 

Original brand: Michaelis

100% silk 

Country of origin: Unknown

Sustainability footprint: 95% repurposed materials (vintage silk tie) 

Curiousity: Did you know that it takes between 10-15 seconds to fuse one single glass crystal to the fabric?

About the collection:

I still remember watching Matrix for the first time back in 1999. Like so many others, I watched it over and over again. I loved it, loved everything about it. 

It's been 25 years since it was released, but I keep coming back to the blue and red pill quote whenever I watch the news, see the horrors of war, and how we destroy our planet. 

Are we finally going to take the red pill....or will we chew blue pills until there's nothing left of this world for our children? 

I don't know. For me, working with repurposing materials and highlighting sustainability is part of the path I have chosen. Down the rabbit hole we go!