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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Dark Chronicle Collection: Sailor's Love hair ornament

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The Sailor's Love is the second of the three statement hair ornaments from my sustainable mini collection the Dark Chronicle. Inspired by raging oceans, starry nights and the concept of Faith, Hope and Love, this stunning fascinator is interpreting the Sailor's Love.

Colours & materials: The Sailor's Love is hand-embroidered with over five hundred crystals, vintage buttons, deconstructed jewelry, glass beads and feathers in black and dark pink shades.

Fastens to the hair with two sturdy alligator clips.

Size: 15 cm, plus feathers

Sustainability footprint: 95% repurposed materials 

If you find a piece you fall in love with, make sure it becomes yours. All my pieces are hand made and one of a kind, and there will not be a new just like it.

Photographer: photo 1 and 6 by Leigh Drinkwater Photography, UK

Curiousity: The Dark Chronicle collection is based upon my son's old ripped jeans - they ripped in a way that reminded me of of raging waves on a stormy night, and thus the seed of this whole collection was planted.