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Viveka Gren

Liquid Mercury Collection: the Chucky Mercury EYEWEAR CHAIN

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The Chunky Mercury is part of Swedish artist Viveka Gren's Liquid Mercury Collection, an experimental avant-garde collection dedicated to twisting and creating shapes in metal with sparkling rhinestones and glass crystals. The collection is an ongoing project and you will find everything from sunglasses and chokers to headpieces and metal corsets.

The Chunky Mercury eyewear neck chain is part of my experimental, avant-garde collection the Liquid Mercury. Works beautifully with all Liquid Mercury sunglasses.

Did you know that sunglasses should never be worn on the head, nor as a headband to keep your hair in place? It damages the mechanics, and will shorten the life span of your eyewear.

The smart and stylish choice is to use a eyewear chain - not only does it look fab, you won't risk misplacing your sunnies!

Lenght: cm

Weight: gr

Colour: silver

Collection: Liquid Mercury 

Sustainability footprint: 100 % repurposed metal