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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Bespoke couture order: Anatomical heart bag, wearable art purse

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My anatomical heart bags are the very definition of wearable art, suitable for any red carpet event, stage performance, wedding, festival or occation when that extra dimension of fabulousness is desired. Popular among artists and international fashion magazines, this is your opportunity to not only own a piece of Viveka Gren's magically creative universe, but having it created especially for you.

How a custom order works:

Once you've placed your order (full price or payment plan), I will contact you to discuss time frames, your dream vision and if you have any special needs. Please make sure that you note the right e-mail adress and phone number on your order. 

I've included examples of some previous creations in this listing. More examples are found on Instagram Viveka Gren

I can create something unique based on a previous version of the bag, or something totally different. If you have an outfit in mind, we can use that as a starting point for the design. The choice is yours - just let me know what you dream of and we'll find a way to make your dream come true. 


Time frame

Normally, these kind of wearable art items take 8-12 weeks to create. However, depending on sourcing of materials and complexity of design and general work load, that time can be prolonged. 

For that reason, prepare yourself mentally that your unique piece will be with you after 4-6 months. In that way, any sooner delivery will be a wonderfully pleasant surprise. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 


Payment options

Payment plans are always possible. I ask for 20% or 50% to start the order (2400 kr, non refuable), and then the rest is divided acccording to your preference over time (maximum 18 months). After I recieve the final payment, your piece will be sent to you. 

Choose between the following options:

Full price, one payment = 10 000 kr

Payment plan, 20 % first payment = 2 000 kr

Payment plan, 50 % first payment = 5 000 kr


During my birthday sale January 12th-16th, the 45% discount is valid for this listing. If you want to choose a payment plan, today's first payment will be reduced by 45%, however the remaining payments will not be discounted.


Technical information

Size: Your choice (within practical/technical possible limits) Normally I make each bag large enough to fit a cell phone, a smaller wallet, keys and some other essentials such as lipstick and handcuffs. 

Colours & style: Your choice.

Sustainability footprint: 100% repurposed materials 

These bags are always created with repurposed materials - that is a core value of mine when it comes to these pieces.  

It is possible - and I warmly encourage it - to send me pieces of fabric or jewelry that is of importance to you which you'd like me to incorporate in the design. 



I begun working on my first anatomical heart bag when the war in Ukraine started. I was in shock, devastated and feeling as if my heart had been ripped out of my body. Memories of what the persons I love the most, my mother and grand mother, experienced during the second world war came crashing down. 

I needed to process the madness of this world, and creating a ripped out heart which I could wear just made sense.

In my mind, these bags became a reminder that in the middle of the horrors mankind are capable of, there is always a spark of beauty, creativity, persistance and hope.



How long time to I need to wait for my piece? 

- Expect it to take 4-6 months before you have your bag in your hands. That way, any sooner delivery will be a nice surprise. 

Why is a custom ordered anatomical heart bag more expensive than the other heart bags in your shop?

- The creative process of working with a client differs entirely from when I am creating on my own. You are with me every step of the way, and your piece will go through many changes before it is finally done. You are in charge here, it is my mission to interpret your visions and dreams and then make it even more magical. That takes a very different kind of effort which reflects in the price. 

Is it possible to divide the payment over time?

- Absolutely! My main objective is that everyone who loves my work should be able to own a piece. Payment plans are always possible. I ask for 20% to start the order (non refuable), and then the rest is divided acccording to your preference over time (maximum 18 months). After I recieve the final payment, your piece will be sent to you. 

If you'd like a payment plan, please choose the 20% och 50% first payment option. 

I need my piece for an upcoming even in XX time, can you make it? 

- Express priority can under some (rare) circumstances be available for an extra fee.