Midnight Garden collection: new drop March 19th

Midnight Garden collection: new drop March 19th

The Midnight Garden collection is making its come back! Launced in 2020, this collection features both one of a kind eyewear alongside a very limited edition (max three pieces) of sunglasses with a dark and gothic vibe.

This Saturday, on March 19th, I am dropping three new pieces in the 2022 edition of the collection, one showpiece called the Ruler of Darkness and two other one of a kind pieces called Heart of Thunder and Goth Garden. 

These pieces were created for an editoral for Feroce Magazin last Summer, shot by the amazing Icelandic photographer Anna Osk Erlingsdottir.

Editorial for Feroce Magazine, shot by Anna Osk Erlingsdottir featuring eyewear and a cessories by Viveka Gren. Hair by Ari Koponen.
However, when we did the shoot at one of the most beautiful cementaries of my home town Göteborg, the names of the sunglasses were still cloaked in mystery.


Those of you who have followed me for some time knows that I name every single piece I create, and have been doing so ever since the start in 2016. It is of course madness from a business point of view, and after finding the perfect name for some 500 + pieces of one of a kind creations, my imagination is starting to show sign of wear....but I have to do it. For me, a creation is not finished until it has its name.  It's as simple as that. 

These three pieces were created in 2021, but are released as the 2022 edition of my Midnight Garden collection, a collection with a gothic couture vibe, dark yet voloptuous. Why? Simply become it is only now they recieved their names. And it is all thanks to YOU - all of you who cheers on me and follow my artistic journey in social media. Thank you, I am truly grateful to have you! 

Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with the perfect name, partially because I tend to overthink it, I turned to my followers on Instgram asking for help to name these pieces. I got more name suggestions than I'd ever dared hope for, and Sara, Johanna and Paulina all recieved a gift certificate in my webshop as a token of gratitude. 

Inviting you all to name pieces has proven to be a success and something both you and I apprechiate. This was the first test, but I am already determined to keep on having these naming quests together with you. 

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