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Viveka Gren

The Siren Face Frame, wearable art piece

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The Siren face frame

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and sometimes it hits so hard you can't escape the idea that's forming in your mind. 

That's what happened to me during the Spring 2021. I had binge watched the series Siren and there was something about actress Eleine Powell and the dark vibe of the show that just made my imagination go wild. I have long been fascinated by deep water creatures and marine life, and suddenly I knew I needed to create a face frame worthy of a warrior siren. 

My awesome friend & muse Alice Thors transformed in a majestic way into the fierce creature I'd envisioned, all captured by the lense of Wille Photography 


Materials & colours: The face frame is completely constructed in metal and adorned with a silly amount of clear & black diamond Swarovski crystals, each one carefully soldered onto the shorter spikes and frame (an idea I got after I thought I'd finished the whole piece - resulting in more than one cut & burn.) It is lined with vintage high quality trims for comfort. 

Weight: XX gr

Sustainability footprint: 5% repurposed materials (vintage glass crystals & trims)

Further information: If you like other accessories, for example metal claws, choker necklace, belt or maybe a metal bra, to go with this piece, please contact me to discuss your ideas and to get a time and price estimate. 

This piece is available for rentals.