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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

The Magpie Pirate bra

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The Magpie Pirate bra

The Magpie Pirate is the second member of the Magpie Collection, a one of a kind ready to wear festival or tribal fusion belly dance bra based on an European size 75A padded push up bra (US 34AA, UK 34A, AUS/NZ 12A).

She was created out of a stunning orange red shawl with tiny gold threads, and a black and white shawl which a man I dated forgot at my place. Despite reminding him to come and pick it up, over a year later he hadn't, so...I became a Magpie pirate, creating beauty out of the neglected and presumably unwanted (no worries, he has approved of the transformation of his shawl by now and is quite proud of its new life). As adornments I used vintage buttons, mostly silvery ones with the addition of a few sparkling ones and others in padded red fabric. As the centerpiece I used an earring of mine and a beautiful pendant and coins that originates from a decontructed necklace. 

The bra is fully lined and has a reinforced braided halterneck that is attached to an O-ring from where two bradied straps are used to tie the bra as a cross in the back in two point O-rings. This construction makes it flexible to various body types, it stays in place and is comfortable to dance in.

Please note that the Magpie Pirate is small in size, and even though it is flexible it will have the best fit if you are a size XS or S. 

Cup size: European size 75A (US 34AA, UK 34A, AUS/NZ 12A)

Materials: padded push-up bra, cotton fabric, vintage buttons, O-rings, and decontructed earrings and necklaces

Colour: Black, white and orange red with silver coloured adornments

Sustainability footprint: 95% repurposed materials 

If you have any questions about the garnment or would like me to create a matching head piece or belt, please do not hesitate to contact me.


About the Magpie Collection

The Magpie Collection is inspired by one of my favorite birds, the Magpie. I just love the contrast of the black and white and the addition of the subtle metallic shine shifting in blue and green of it's tail feathers. Birds from the Corvidae family have a long tradition in Nordic tales and mythology, like Hugin and Mumin, the ravens representing though and memory. And they are smart birds. I like that. The magpie's love for shiny objects is well knows, and let's admit it, so is the fusion belly dancer's. The Magpie Collection has a sofisticated yet rough air to it, and is recognized by the braided halterneck and black and white patterns with a contrasting accent colour. The summer of 2015 I stumbled upon an awsome make-up purse at a second hand store. I just loved everything about it, the black and white pattern, the rough sensation of the weaved fabric, the amazing embrodery in pale pink and silver. I just knew I had to have it. This small purse came to be the seed to the Magpie Collection. I turned it into a bra with the initial vision to keep it simple, graphic and sofisticated, but somehow the vision transformed during the process and the bra got adorned with shiny treasures likely to be found in a magpie's nest. I kept the piece rough, black, white and Bright pink accents with a braided halterneck and tonnes of silver chains. It is heavy to say the least! I named it the Magpie Goddess and thus the Magpie Collection was born.