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Viveka Gren

The Bleeding Heart bag

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The anatomical heart bags are the very definition of wearable art, suitable for any red carpet event, stage performance, wedding, festival or occation when that extra dimension of fabulousness is desired. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Viveka Gren's magically creative universe. 

Payment plans are always possible for couture pieces. Please see bottom of this page for further info. 


The Bleeding Heart bag

Handsewn wearable art handbag, shaped like an anatomical heart. 

Size: Medium, 25 x 20 x 7 cm 

Closes with a zipper, one single large inner space with an extra pocket for your phone. Will fit your phone, a small wallet and some essentials. 

Please note that I think that the bag seem larger in the pictures than in real life. I think this because the mannequin is a size 36, and I had to angle the phone to get good pictures.

The shoulder chain can be exchanged for versitility.

Colours & materials:

Shades of red, wine, black and blue. Created with vintage fabrics of different textures, sequins and crystal rhinestones chains. 

Sustainability footprint:

100% repurposed materials 



When I create I usually work on multiple pieces at once. I usuall start with two or three pieces, similar in idea but with different vibes.


How it begun:

I begun working on my first anatomical heart bag when the war in Ukraine started. I was in shock, devastated and feeling as if my heart had been ripped out of my body. Memories of what the persons I love the most, my mother and grand mother, experienced during the second world war came crashing down. 

I needed to process the madness of this world, and creating a ripped out heart which I could wear just made sense.

In my mind, these bags became a reminder that in the middle of the horrors mankind are capable of, there is always a spark of beauty, creativity, persistance and hope.



Payment plans are always possible. You can choose between making a normal purchase and pay the full amount and get your piece of art shipped right away, or you can choose one out of two payment plans.

Choose of you wish to pay 20% or 50% of the price as a first payment. The rest of the payments are divided into equal sums and paid monthly until the full price is paid. After I recieve the final payment, your piece will be sent to you. 

There are no extra charges or adminitrative fees connected to choose a payment plan - I simply divide the price and send you a digital invoice by e-mail or PayPal. 

Choose between the following options:

- Full price, one payment = 7 950 kr

(Ships upon purchase)

- Payment plan, 20 % first payment = 1 590 kr

(first payment is paid in the webshop, the next four payments are paid by a digital invoice monthly. Your piece is shipped once the final payment has been made.)

- Payment plan, 50% first payment = 3 975 kr

(first payment is paid in the webshop, the next two payments, each 50% of the remaining sum, are paid by a digital invoice monthly. Your piece is shipped once the final payment has been made.)