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FireBirdFusion & HALO by Viveka Gren

Garden of Eden mini sustainable collection 2020: The Silver in Bloom Sunglasses

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The Silver in Bloom is part of Swedish artist Viveka Gren's sustainable mini collection Garden of Eden 2020, created with 85% repurposed materials. 

Colours & materials: Modern pilot shaped sunglasses with golden lenses adorned with rhodinium coloured hand made metal flowers, silver rhinestonesand clear crystals.

Size: Universal adult size

Weight: XX gr

All sunglasses are created on CE marked bases with UV 400 filter. This piece is based on a category 2.

Care: The Silver in Bloom sunglasses are an art object, and should be treated as such. Here are are few tips on how to keep your sunglasses in beautiful condition for a long, long time:

Take care when handling. Avoid anything that can scratch the lenses, like laying them on a table with the lenses down towards the surface. To protect the mechanism of the sunglasses, one should never wear a pair of glasses on the head, like a headband. It will ineviatebly damage the mechanisms sooner or later. When removing your glasses, use both hands to grip on the sides. 

Can be wiped with glasses cleaning pads, or a damp, luke warm cloth. 

Sustainability footprint: 85 % upcycled materials

Please note that due to the settings of your phone or computer, the colours of the pictures might vary slightly.