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Viveka Gren


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The Autumn Grass eyewear neck chains - your and your sunnies' best friend! 

Did you know that sunglasses should never be worn on the head, nor as a headband to keep your hair in place? It damages the mechanics, and will shorten the life span of your eyewear.

The smart and stylish choice is to use a eyewear chain - not only does it look fab, you won't risk misplacing your sunnies!

The Autumn Grass eyewear neck chains, nr 1 and nr 2, are and it looks great with most styles of eyewear. 


AG I: 82 cm 

AG II: 84 cm


AG I & II: 21 gr

Colour: Multicoloured glass and acrylic beads in pale grassy and berry colours, light metal.

Please note that with wear and long time exposure to chemicals/make up/weather, the gilding might eventually fade into a darker shade. This does not affect the use of the chain in any way. 

Sustainability footprint: 100% repurposed metal and beads


The sunglasses in these photos are from my best selling collection: the Sacrilege Collection -

Sacrilege Maximized in gray

Infused Sacrilege 

Pearls of Sacrilege in purple